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THAT gives you the freedom of
movement like never before
and the health benefits are extraordinary!!!

The workout is self controlled by the rider and every workout is
constantly changing by simply shifting the bodyweight
– making every ride spontaneous and new!!


The Human gyroscope was originally developed by NASA to prepare astronauts for weightlessness.
Even though is looks effortless the rider is actually performing an intense isometric exercise.
It works with the body's position in space relative to the pull of gravity and the resistance it then places on the muscle groups.

Various Health benefits

Total body workout
Resistance on muscle groups is changing due to the  pull of gravity, up to 3 g-forces. The faster you move the more body mass you have to support,  and the greater the amount of energy you burn.

Due to the continuous rotating, movement, various muscle groups are trained simultaneously. The Human gyroscope incorporates all the main muscle groups, with a focus on the abdominal muscles and lower back.

Balance and co-ordination
Refines vestibular and neurological functioning by stimulating and conditioning the balance mechanism in the body - the success is attributed to vertigo therapy.

Accelerated weight loss
Increased blood flow to the thyroid gland helps the body to release more thyroxin - the hormone responsible for regulating the metabolism. This increases the body’s ability to burn fat faster by accelerating the metabolism and thus assisting with weight loss.

Relieves chronic back pain
This exercise strengthens and tones the muscles. As a result of this, back pain is alleviated by lengthening the lumbar region and strengthening of the abdominals.

Researchers in Germany believe that the Human gyroscope is the most effective relief of back pain due to the release of hormones and the strengthening of the core muscles.



Increased healing speed and energy levels
Important neurotransmitters such as serotonin and endorphins are released due to the stimulation of
the pituitary gland. This creates an immense increase in
energy levels combating depression and fatigue.

The Human gyroscope also increases healing speed by stimulating blood flow and increasing lymphatic drainage. Increased blood flow also improves the flexibility of the muscles and reduces mental fatigue and headaches.
The increase in lymphatic drainage promotes a stronger immune system by preventing toxic build-up.

Inversion therapy
The benefits of inversion therapy include reducing stress and minimizing the effects of ageing due to the stimulation
of the pituitary and thyroid glands causing the skin and tissues to be rejuvenated. In addition, lymphatic flow is stimulated, preventing toxic build up. Circulation is improved  due to increased oxygenated blood supply to the brain. Inversion therapy also improves the posture with spontaneous, non-repetitive movements.

Reduces stress
Any form of exercise reduces stress.  Improved flow of blood to the brain reduces mental fatigue. Repetitive daily activities and one sided activities are also a major cause of stress on the body. The Human gyroscope allows you to stretch and exercise the body by letting go of familiar muscular holding patterns, while maintaining the body’s balance.

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